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är verkligen ett fascinerande exempel på hur olika individer skapar mervärde och inte alltid är rationella.

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With a limited supply of only 21,000,000 only tokens, this is the most exclusive ERC20 token available anywhere in the world. If you didn’t get any BTCMoon tokens you can still invest in Bitcoin.

While there are plans to support them, Bitcoin does not currently support smart contracts. Compatible Wallet – Store Of Wealth

  1. Parity
  2. meta Mask
  3. Myetherwallet
  4. Mist & Ethereum Wallet
  5. Further development wallet / integration with payment system.

BTCMoon was specifically structured in a way to avoid centralized ownership. At creation, only 1,000,000 tokens will be retained by the ownership team for creation costs. The remaining 20,000,000 tokens will be distributed through an exchange, ensuring a diverse base of ownership.

BTCMoon will have faster transaction speeds than Bitcoin. The average block time on Bitcoin is 8 minutes, while on Ethereum it’s 24 seconds.

The average Bitcoin transaction fee typically ranges from $ 2 to $ 5, while Ethereum fees typically range from $ 0.20 to $ 0.50 .p

BTCMoon can work with smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain. While there are plans to support them, Bitcoin does not currently support smart contracts.



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Why are BTCMoon there?

There are multiple reasons, firstly Bitcoin has issues with high transaction fees and slow block times, ERC20 tokens do not have these issues and also have smart contract capability.
Secondly, there is currently no widely accepted tokenized version of Bitcoin on Ethereum which is pretty surprising.
Thirdly, as BTCMoon grows it will display Ethereum’s capabilities and strengthen it’s stance among crypto currencies.

What is this token used for?

The primary use is a status symbol and collectable token. If you own one, you’re 1 in 10,000,000.

What is your ticker symbol?


Will there be more than 21,000,000 issued?

No. This is a fixed supply token and only 21,000,000 will ever be created.

How many tokens will be held by developers?

1,000,000 tokens will be held by ownership team. This is less than 5% of the total supply.

Review the following before buying BTCmoon or investing in crypto currencies

  1. Never invest more finances than you are willing to risk losing.
  2. Always make sure you keep a proper backup of digital wallets and private cryptographic keys and documents.
  3. BTCMoon or its affiliates are not responsible for off-storage wallets, cryptographic keys, BTCMoon or other items purchased from online exchanges.